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It is not a big secret that making a girl orgasm makes every guy even more excited. With porn being the most popular representation of actual sex life, guys have certain expectations for women to always reach the big “O”. However, statistically, only 25 percent of women are consistently orgasmic during vaginal intercourse. About 90 percent physically are able to experience it. Therefore, in most cases it is not purely a physical problem.

How to make her orgasm?

CrazyloveMake her feel comfortable. Ian Kerner, Ph.D. once said: "Recent studies show that for a woman to reach an orgasm, the part of her brain associated with stress, emotion, and anxiety has to shut down." Thus, if your girl feels good when she’s naked, she’ll come sooner. Compliment your partner on each part of her body as you undress it. Your approval will dramatically reduce her self-consciousness.

Take your time. Feeling the shortage of time prevents a woman from reaching an orgasm. Act like you’ve got forever, but slowly take off her underwear. This will get her excited, and make her more sensitive.

Go down on her. Oral sex is often considered as a warm up before the journey begins. But why stick with the mediocrity, when we can turn the appetizer into an entrée? To make her really feel the vibe, we suggest you take it slow, explore her vulva, feel how her body muscles intensifies and then… add a finger to it. However, if you think, that she’s bored, maybe she’s not that into it.

Incorporate toys. If it takes your woman way too long to reach orgasm, add in a sex toy that could make it easier for both of you. With a mini bullet vibrator, you can use the soft vibration on her entire body and there’s a big chance that you will succeed.

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